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HSA-Belmont Reading Blog Page; https://belmontreadingblog.blogspot.com/ . Students Blogs to highlight: http://rachael8-belmontreadingblog.blogspot.com/     (Rachael) http://kimani8-belmontreadingblog.blogspot.com/   (Kimani) http://jaiden8-belmontreadingblog.blogspot.com/     (Jaiden)

Music Concert
Thanksgiving Dinner @HSA
Board Meeting
Applying for High Schools
Hurricane Relief
NEIU Visit

Parents are invited to attend our NEIU university visit on  Friday October 20, 2017


Last night, the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) celebrated 20 years of charter schools in honor of their growing success and the impact it has had in the lives of students, parents and the community. Governor Rauner attended the 2017 INCS GALA.

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8th Grade Graduation Ceremony


CYSP Award Ceremony
Winter math camp in Milwaukee

Mr. Kaya, our Title 1 math teacher, led a wonderful winter math camp in Milwaukee over the break. Mr. Kaya, along with Mr. Coffee, Mrs. Durst, Ms. Daos, Mr. Stone and Mr. Jusupov, took 28 students over state lines for three days. Our students were immersed in advanced math study sessions, creative games and outdoor […]

School will be closed on Tuesday, December 20th

Dear Parents, School will unfortunately be cancelled Tuesday December 20th.  Due to the extreme weather, a water pipe in the building froze and burst.  As we have to shut off the water to fix the problem the building is unsuitable to have our students attend.  Due to the nature and location of the pipe the repairs […]

Go! Cubs! Go!
Halloween Party
The first day of the school is Tuesday, Sept 6th, 2016

  Our new location: 2456 N. Mango Ave. Chicago, IL 60639 The first day of the school is Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 2016-2017 Academic Calendar  

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American Library of Poetry Contest
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