How to Report Claims of Bullying & Harassment at HSA Belmont

If a student has experienced discrimination, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, dating violence, or any other prohibited conduct, they should report their claim to Dean of School. Students may also seek support for this process through their Social Worker, Counselor or Psychologist, as well as through Mr. Connell, Assistant Principal. A student may choose to report their claim to a person of the same gender identity. Students who make good faith complaints will not be disciplined.

If a student or parent is ever concerned about an issue or situation related to their experience at HSAB, we want to hear about that, too. Anyone can submit comments and suggestions, and report any concerns using the “Contact Us” tool below. The submissions can be anonymous or with your name, email or phone number. If you report concerns on this tool anonymously, school officials may be able to conduct a limited investigation or provide some assistance if you share enough details.