Horizon Science Academy Belmont is a public charter school serving Kindergarten through seventh grades that opened in 2013. We provide our students with an innovative world class education, rich in math, science and technology. HSA focuses on preparing students to become bold inquirers, problem solvers and ethical leaders, with skills ready to meet the challenges of a competitive global workforce.

Walk through the doors of our school and you will feel a palpable sense of something unique and strong.   Students’ faces of all nationalities, race, economic backgrounds and scholastic levels exude unspoken confidence.

Serdar Kartal, Principal


We foster an environment of inquiry and a love of learning so students are prepared to thrive in STEM-focused high school, college, and the world.


Our students will enter high school ready to tackle any academic challenge and will excel in the STEM subjects.

  • STEM focused, nationally recognized programs
  • A motivating culture
  • Stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment
  • Personalized education
  • Students experience success every day
  • A comprehensive management model


Charter schools are independently-operated public schools. There is no charge to parents because funding comes from state tax dollars, just like a traditional public school.

Concept offers a rigorous and challenging curriculum designed to prepare students for high academic achievement. Our goal is to graduate students who have the skills to succeed academically in high school, college, and beyond.  Our college-bound curriculum emphasizes science, technology, and math, although all other subjects are taught to the same high standards.

We offer an array of activities to fit every student’s interests, including intramural sports, drama, chess, cheerleading/dance, orchestra, Spanish, and much more. We also offer local, national, and international trips for our students, staff, and parents.