Poetry Contest


Under the direction of our amazing Language Arts teacher, Ms. Petrella, a number of our 6th grade students entered The Student Poetry Contest organized by The American Library of Poetry. The national contest, which is held every year, is open to student poets around the country. Hundreds of students enter their original poems; however, only a select few are chosen to be published in the American Library’s book of poetry.

Our very own Delilah Rivera submitted her beautiful poem, which is titled “Don’t Change”, and she has been selected as one of the finalists who will have her poem published in Eloquence, which is scheduled to be released this Fall.  We would like to congratulate Delilah on this truly impressive achievement and encourage all of our talented students to continue writing creatively! See below for Delilah’s inspiring poem:


“Don’t let a person change you. Why?
Because you are you, no one can change you but you.
It doesn’t matter if you want to be an inventor, biologist, actor, who cares?
It’s who you are. Don’t cover your face with make up, foundations, even eye shadow.
Show us your inner beauty. Everyone including you is kind, emotional, happy, frustrated…
We all have emotions but don’t let them control you.
Trust me, I’ve been through it all, bullying, frustration, madness, you name it.
Don’t let one kid push you back because you worked hard to be where you are.
You deserve to have a proper education. Yes, it gets harder and harder, but when you think about it,
you need to say I’m proud for who I am. I earned this.
It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, latino, it doesn’t matter as long as you are you.
When you go home look in your mirror, take off your makeup and say “I’m
proud to be on this Earth. I’m proud to have an education,” but most
importantly, say “I’m proud of who I am.”